Terms and Conditions

Last Updated : 13th August 2017


  • You can add only active websites and websites should be owned solely by you.

  • If your sites have any illegal data, it will be rejected.We reserve right to reject any website without providing any further reasons.

  • Your website must not over use pop up ads, redirects etc...

  • Your website must not include contents promoting illegal activities, adult contents, hacking or phishing, software pirating, violence etc. .

  • You are not allowed to create multiple and/or duplicate accounts. If you have multiple websites you can submit all your websites in a single account. You are not allowed to create multiple account in any case. If we found that you have created multiple accounts, your account will be terminated immediately and all your earnings will be forfeited.

  • If most of the leads of any publisher are found fraudulent, the publishers account will be instantly suspended without any payment of unpaid commissions.

  • You will NOT use proxies or a VPN/VPS to complete offers from your own account. You may use your real IP and information to complete offers.Using a proxy will result in account suspension and further abuse will result in termination.

  • Please Note : In some cases there may be a delay in payments due to verification purpose or some other issues.

  • We reserve the right to extend the withdrawal time in an event of unusual withdrawal activity or due to some verification purpose.

  • We reserve the right to validate your social network, website, blog or mobile application at any time before releasing any payment.

  • We may ask you to provide proof of identity and proof of address for verification purpose, failure to provide such will result in frozen payments.

  • We reserve the right to put your account on hold at any time in case any suspicious activity is found on your account.Your account will be on hold/pending until everything have been verified.

  • Publishers commission will be paid as per NET 45 or 60 basis i.e 45 or 60 days after the end of month. There is a minimum threshold of $50. Your balance will be auto withdrawn once it has reached $50.

  • Publishers are not allowed to promote any campaign via e-mail. Any violation of this will result in the Publisher being liable for damages of $100.00 per email sent and other damages as deemed by a court of law. We have a strict policy regarding SPAM and will not tolerate any SPAM as defined by the CAN-SPAM Act, any state laws, or any applicable international laws (by way of example, Publisher should be familiar with laws concerning SPAM, including those set forth in http://www.spamlaws.com/federal/can-spam.shtml.

  • Publisher must be 18 years or older to sign up as a Commission Square Publisher.

  • Publishers residing in India will be paid via Payza or NEFT Only. And for other countries via PayPal or Payza (depends upon availability of payment processors in those countries)

  • Commission Square is not liable to pay any taxes on amount earned by publishers. All publishers are liable to pay their taxes themselves in their countries.

  • We reserve the right to reverse any credited offers from a publishers account that was generated in a fraudulent way. Fraudulent way includes but is not limited to - Completions by using proxy, Completions by Bots and or duplicate Completions by the same person on any offer. If any publisher accounts balance becomes negative balance, publisher will be required to make a deposit to correct his or her account. All sites of publisher will be suspended until account is balanced.

  • If a site and or user/publisher is violating any of these rules your account will be deleted without any notice and no payment will be given in any case.

  • Commission Square does not verify any claim within any advertisement. Members and users of Commission Square are solely responsible to take precaution and to research any claim before entering information or paying for services advertised.

  • Disclaimer : Banners, Photographs, Images, Videos, Descriptions, Advertisements, Questionnaires, Mobile Applications and/or Softwares, Games, etc. presented in Offerwall and Within network have general purpose of advertising or promotion and have been generated by and/or for the benefit of third-parties, and are not the property of Commission Square.